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Welcome to dougspens.comone of several niche websites that I operate under the umbrella of  Why a separate site just for pens? Because if you're looking for pens custom printed or engraved with your logo, you probably googled "pens" not "promotional products". This way you're more likely to find me and you don't have to sort through tons of tote bags and coffee mugs to find the best pen for your needs.
Doug's Promos - Since 2002 we have been providing promotional products ranging from Air Fresheners to Zipper Pulls. As an independent representative of Kaeser & Blair, Inc. we have direct access to hundreds of factories that will custom print, engrave, or embroider their product with your logo or message. My primary website is  

Kaeser & Blair, Inc. has been in business in the Cincinnati, Ohio area since 1894. K&B is currently (2019) the 14th largest distributor of promotional products in the United States. I chose to partner with them in 2002 so that even as a small independent I could offer world class service and volume pricing that would compete with the big guys. This arrangement allows me to spend all of my time providing you top notch customer service while K&B handles the billing and adminstrative details. Your bills will come from Kaeser & Blair and payments may be made directly to them by check, or credit card.

Through Kaeser & Blair we are pleased to offer 30 day net billing to established businesses with positive credit history. Credit card purchases are available to new businesses and individual customers.

Where's the shopping cart?  We don't have one. We could, and we would if you were ordering blank merchandise, or fan gear with your favorite team's logo. We feel that custom logo'd products require a little more interaction than a shopping cart allows. You'll undoubtedly have product and decoration questions. Please email or call so that we can address your questions and give you and your purchase the attention you deserve. 

Will I get the exact quantity I order?   To account for possible defects and errors our factories purposely run 5% extra. defective or damaged goods are removed during quality control. When all is running great you'll end up with a few extra, on a bad day your order may be a few pens short. Your bill will reflect the actual number that are shipped.

We generally ship UPS or FedEx groundShipping charges are added to your invoice. Shipping estimates based on your delivery zip code are available upon request.  Please let us know if you require expedited shipping, drop shipping, or other services. If your company has a UPS or FedEx account we can bill shipping to that account if you prefer.

State Sales Tax -  Kaeser & Blair has a business presence in all 50 states. If your state has a sales/use tax we are required to collect the tax and remit it to your state on a timely basis. If your business is a registered non-profit or if your purchases are for resale, please email us a copy of your 501-c3 letter or your state Sales Tax Exemption certificate so we can make your purchase sales tax exempt.

Questions - While I have addressed the most frequently asked question, I realize you could have many more that I have left unanswered. Don't hesitate to email me at or call my direct line at 888-762-9306 (8am - 7pm eastern).

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To order pens, request free mock ups, or request additional information please email or call 888-762-9306

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