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Custom Printed or Engraved Pens
Custom printed pens are one of our least expensive, but most effective advertising products. Why? - Because everybody uses pens.  Printed or engraved with your company name and contact information a custom pen is a lot like a business card.  It tells people who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Unlike a business card, they rarely get thrown away.  People will thank you for the pen, keep it, and use it every day. Each time they use it, they are reminded of you and your business.  Sometimes pens become lost, strayed, or stolen. In fact the average plastic advertising pen will have 8 owners in it's lifetime. It will most likely spread your message to potential clients that you have never met.
Which pen is the best vehicle to carry your business message?  Here you'll find hundreds of the best and most popular advertising pens at fantastic prices.  Plastic pens for counter use and trade shows,  laser engraved metal pens for higher end clients, special recognition, and graduations. Our laser engraved pens can even be personalized with the recipient's name. Fun novelty pens for special events or just to stand out and lighten the mood.  Consider stylus pens for clients with smartphones and other mobile devices. Let me know which pen fits your needs, email me your art or message, and I'll prepare a free virtual sample for your consideration.
Orders?   Quotes?   Information?
Call my direct line at 888-762-9306 or email dougspromos@gmail.com
Art or text for your imprint/engraving can be emailed to the same address.
If requesting a quote, please provide your zip code for a shipping estimate.
Free VIrtual Samples
See how great your logo will look on this pen. Email your art/text to dougspromos@gmail.com  I'll prepare a digital mock up for your consideration. Please indicate your choice of color for both the pen and the imprint. You will receive your free virtual sample via email the next business day.


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