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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Cards - We are pleased to accept major credit cards.  To process the card we will need, Cardholders Name, Address to which the card is billed, Cardholders Phone Number, Card Type and Number. Expiration Date and CVV Code.  The CVV code is a 3 digit number on the back of MasterCard, VISA and Discover cards. It is a 3 or 4 digit code on the front of American Express Cards.  We recommend that credit card information be sent by fax or given over the telephone as email is not secure. Your credit card will be processed by Kaeser & Blair, whose name and 800 number will be shown on your credit card statement.

Can Open Accounts be established?  Yes. Since Kaeser & Blair is a subscriber to Dun & Bradstreet and InfoUSA, we can establish a credit limit based on the information available from these sources.  Or if you prefer you may download the Credit Application on the Place an Order page, complete it and fax it in for credit approval.

Do I have to pay sales tax? In most cases the answer is yes.  Kaeser & Blair is registered with all 44 of the states that levy sales/use tax.  We collect the tax at your local rate and remit it to your state on a timely basis.  If your organization is tax exempt or if you are purchasing for resale, please download the Sales Tax Exemption form on our Place an Order page and fax it to us with your order.

What are art charges? If you provide vector artwork there will be no art charges.  If you provide artwork that pixilates, or doesn't have crisp clean edges, we will need to convert it to vector art.  The charges depend on the complexity of the artwork, but are usually $10-15 for the first color and $5-10 for each additional color.  If artwork is needed, we will contact you for approval before proceeding with the work. There are no art charges if your copy is straight line text in any font in the Adobe Illustrator library of fonts.

What are set up charges?  Set up charges are the costs to make the screen, die, or embroidery tape that will be used to put your artwork on your promotional products.  These charges vary by factory and are listed with each item.

What are the charges for extra colors? Each color requires a screen and a print run. Our catalog prices include the cost of the first print run.  Each additional color will require an additional screen charge and an additional running charge. These charges are listed with the item description.

Production Time
- Production time varies by factory and is listed on each factory's main page.  The days listed are business days, so weekends and legal holidays don't count.  It is also important to note that production time begins the day you approve the proof, not the day you place the order. 

Event Dates - If you must have an item in hand on a specific date, please let us know prior to placing the order.  We will check with the factory to verify whether the date can be met and if any rush charges or expedited shipping charges will be necessary. 


Overruns/Underruns - In the promotional products industry it is not uncommon to have overruns or underruns of 5-10%.  Why does this happen? As a quality control measure, the factory will intentionally overrun the production knowing that a small percentage may have imperfections.  If you order 500 pens, they may print 525. If quality control rejects 25 the order is perfect.  If they reject 30, you end up short 5 pens. The factory can't run 5 pens, so we will refund you what you paid for those 5 pens.  If they only reject 20, you end up with 5 extra pens and likewise we will send a bill for the 5 additional pens.  If your company is on open account, you will not be billed until after your pens ship.  That allows us to bill for the final number of pens shipped without need for future adjustments.


Other Issues - If you have questions that were not addressed here, email me at dougspromos@gmail.com, use the form on the Contact Us page, or call me at 573-762-2756.


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